Structural engineering plays a foundational role in modern society (pun intended). Depending on your location, the approach to structural engineering may vary based on the environment. For example, structural engineers in Orlando, Florida have sandy soil, swamps, and other environmental compositions to consider that a structural engineer in Ohio would not consider as their soil chemistry is different. Regardless of location, many components of structural engineering are the same. This post will discuss the definition of structural engineering and the types of structural engineering jobs.

Definition of Structural Engineering

Structural engineering is a specialized branch of civil engineering that focuses on buildings and other structures. Civil engineering is an in-demand field because city planning and development will always require it. They play a critical role in urban planning and public safety. Civil engineering is a professional engineering specialty that deals with the design and maintenance of roads, bridges, and other similar structures. If civil engineering is the infrastructure and groundworks, structural engineers are responsible for the vertical construction of habitable structures.

Types of Structural Engineering Jobs and Projects

As structural engineers in Orlando and Tampa Florida, some of the most exciting projects to work for relating to amusement & theme parks. Rollercoaster attractions are a specialized type of project for structural engineers, combining both science and ingenuity. This does not mean that theme park engineers have all the fun!

Structural engineering jobs are abundant as cities and private entities make development plans, but not all our work revolves around new structural designs. Inspections of existing structures and the restoration and maintenance of said structures are vital to public safety and extending the lifetime of your building investments.

Commercial and multi-family dwellings require periodic inspections to remediate damage, indicate necessary repairs, and provide peace of mind for owners and tenants. Previously designed load capacities and other factors contribute to the longevity of a structural design for any property. However, when you have commercial and multi-family properties, these go thru a lot of wear and tear, as well as modifications for new tenant uses. From time to time, the news reports sudden building collapses due to structural failures that may not have occurred with proper inspection and follow through.

As such, structural inspections are important for many real estate transactions. They are also periodically required from city planning officials depending on your dwelling type. It is important to work with a structural engineering firm that not only understands the technical end of their work but the local building codes and permitting requirements within a city or county building department.


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