Structural Inspections

Structural inspections provide assurance to owners and occupants that the building is structurally sound. Belt Engineering’s inspectors have education and experience in structural engineering. We value training our employees to be technically sound and knowledgeable as a designer and inspector. We feel strongly that a good inspector must be a designer as well to fully understand a structures performance and capabilities.

Structural inspections are designed to assess the structural integrity of structures to make sure that they are safe for occupancy or use. Belt Engineering specializes in structural inspections. When you have damage to walls, cracks in stucco or masonry, damage in wood, crawlspaces, or attics: it’s time to contact a structural engineer. The structural integrity of your property is vital to its longevity and value.

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At Belt Engineering, we work effectively and efficiently to provide consistently reliable service to our customers, old and new. When it comes to your property, you want peace of mind. Not only are our in-depth, detailed plans and structural inspections designed to offer just that, but our specialists use expertise and the latest in technology to offer a broad variety of structural engineering services. When you call Belt Engineering, you can count on:

  • Professional, knowledgeable engineers and technicians
  • Excellent customer service and clear communication
  • Fair rates and clear invoicing

What Can I Expect from a Structural Inspection from Belt Engineering?

As a diverse engineering firm, our inspections are an encompassing term to cover structural inspections. Our engineers are equipped to handle many inspections related to buildings. In the event the type of building inspection you need is not a service we provide; we have spent years building professional relationships. Our team can provide you with trusted professionals to carry out your needs.

Our inspection services come with a thorough assessment of your project needs. We will help you identify any potential issues or discrepancies to give you the greatest chance of success. After the inspection is complete, we provide you with a detailed report outlining our findings and recommendations.

At Belt Engineering, structural inspections are designed to assess the structural integrity of existing structures and make sure that they are safe for occupancy or use. Structural inspections are required for a variety of reasons in Tampa and Orlando, Florida. Whether you’re buying a new property, renovating an existing one, or simply looking to ensure your building is up to code, our structural inspections are designed to give you the peace of mind you need.

Our structural inspections cover a variety of different services such as:

  • Evaluating foundation stability and integrity
  • Checking for any potential damage from water erosion or other environmental factors
  • Assessing structural support systems like beams and columns
  • Examining exterior surfaces for signs of deterioration

Structural Inspections for Condominium Associations in Tampa

Important changes in regulations create more necessity for structural inspections for condominium associations in Tampa and throughout Florida. The SB 4D-Building Safety Act for Condominium and Cooperative Associations was passed in May of 2022 after the collapse of Champlain Towers South in Miami on June 24, 2021. The Act sets out a number of specific requirements for structural inspections and must be followed by condominium associations in Florida.

Belt Restoration Engineers was created in 2022 to carry out these specialized inspections. Please visit Belt Restoration Engineers website to learn more about services provided to condominium associations.

Contact Belt Engineering for Structural Inspections

At Belt Engineering, we strive to give you the best service possible when it comes to structural inspections. No matter what type inspection you need in Tampa or Orlando, Florida, Belt Engineering has the engineering expertise needed to get your project done safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively. Contact us today for more information about our engineering services or to schedule an appointment.