Industrial construction is a specialized field best equipped for companies who have experience in the business. From planning through construction, engineers play a critical role in the completion of a successful industrial construction project. Industrial construction requires expert training because it is a specific use of a structure for either distribution or manufacturing processes. It is important that the engineering firm and industrial construction company you use can communicate and work well together to make sure projects are completed on time and within budget, per the approved design documents.

The Belt Construction Benefit

Belt Engineering shares a home with Belt Construction to deliver specialized construction and engineering service to industrial clientele through a Design-Build process. Belt Construction Corp of Tampa was founded by Townsend W. Belt in 1951. In 1989, Joseph W. Belt, P.E. established an engineering division within Belt Construction. The two companies operate separately but work together on an array of specialized projects, providing our clients with one contact and a wealth of knowledge and experience for the entire Design-Build project.

The Role of an Engineer

During an industrial construction project, the professional structural engineer ensures the proposed structure can withstand the environment and the proposed use of the building through analyzing the existing conditions, designing a structure that will last, and providing permit documents for permitting and for construction. The engineers will work with the construction company throughout the erection process to ensure inspections are passed per the approved design documents.

The Role of the Industrial Construction Company

The right industrial construction company for your project executes the design according to the recommendation of the experts and with the professional expertise that comes with years of experience. The construction company’s workforce is specialized, able to multi-task, with experience in the field and working within specific building department jurisdictions to make sure inspections are passed. They will get to know the various managers, engineers, and architects on a project and work to complete the tasks accordingly. With a Design-Build project, the construction team works side by side with the architects and engineers to make sure the entire project is coordinated from the beginning of the project and the client’s needs are met every step of the process, from initial design to final construction.

An industrial construction project is a massive undertaking designed to increase productivity and profitability for the end-user. When you work with a construction company that specializes in commercial and industrial construction projects, your management teams and investors can trust that the project will meet or exceed expectations.

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