Sam Dean, PE and Joseph Guagliardo, PE fill VP roles with evolving interest in the organization

Tampa, Florida. Belt Engineering announced the addition of two principal owners today. Sam Dean, PE and Joseph Guagliardo, PE join Joe Belt, PE as principal owners of Belt Engineering, LLC. Both professionals have played a strategic role in Belt Engineering’s growth over the past several years.

Joseph Guagliardo, PE started working at Belt Engineering in May 2010 after earning a degree in Civil Engineering from Florida State University. Sam Dean, PE launched his career with Belt Engineering in June 2011 after graduating from the University of South Florida.

From the beginning, Joseph and Sam demonstrated the leadership skills and drive that transformed the company. After the growth the company experienced over the past decade, including Joseph and Sam in the partnership was a natural evolution. “My partnership with Sam and Joe started over 10 years ago. This next chapter in Belt’s history is a continuation of the relationship that we’ve developed over the years. The future is bright and I look forward to continuing to serve the community’s needs with Joe, Sam, and our exceptional employees,” Joseph declared.

“We are committed to creating a destination workforce that leads and inspires future generations of engineers,” Sam said, “the partnership was an organic development spurned by years of collaborative work and process improvements with measurable results of both Joseph Guagliardo and I.”

“Both Sam and Joseph have been integral to the success of Belt Engineering over the past several years,” Joe Belt, PE and CEO of Belt Engineering continued, “they are dedicated engineers whose enthusiasm inspires our employees and clients alike. I look forward to the direction they continue to grow the company.”

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Victoria Baldwin Chon
Director of CAD Dept / Director of Marketing