In Florida building inspections are important whether you are purchasing a home, evaluating the damage, or closing permits. Utilizing structural engineers for your home inspection offers additional peace of mind when it comes to your foundation and other structural concerns.

Considering that real estate is the primary source of wealth for the majority of Americans, it is best to leave building inspections to the most qualified individuals. Engineers have the practical skill set, training, expertise, and experience necessary to complete thorough building inspections.

Belt’s structural engineers are a wise addition to a traditional 4-point home inspection needed to buy or sell a home. If your home inspector has mentioned structural concerns around your home, Belt Engineering is an excellent choice for you. Structural concerns can include cracking, sloped floors, visible water damage, crawlspace concerns, etc.

Due Diligence Building Inspection

Whether you are selling or purchasing a building, a due diligence inspection is beneficial. Understanding the condition of the building is critical to determining the future maintenance and repair of the investment. Structural engineers offer the experience and professionalism necessary to conduct a thorough third-party review.

Property and forensic assessing are a specialized service our professional engineers offer throughout Tampa and Orlando, Florida. Property owners, lawyers, and insurance companies trust our structural engineering experience to determine the cause of structural failures and positively identify responsible parties.

When it comes to damage evaluation and other forensic considerations, Belt Engineering can provide detailed reports and analysis. Our forensic experience provides us a significant advantage over the traditional home and building inspectors.

Consider the Foundation

The foundation of your real estate is not something to leave to chance. When it comes to foundation settlement cracks there is no science to determine whether or not the settlement crack is natural settling or indicative of a major problem with the foundation. This is where the experience and training of a structural engineer are of greater benefit than other certified home inspectors. We’ll leave no stone unturned to ensure the property is structurally sound and all permits closed out.

The additional training and experience that engineers have are why in some Florida jurisdictions, the government trusts professional engineers to complete required reviews and inspections. This is of benefit to the consumer because sometimes the government can be slow to review and inspect properties. When you work with a firm like Belt