If your home sustained substantial damage you may face greater reconstruction costs due to Florida’s 50% rule. This rule states that if the repair costs to a building exceeds 50% of the market value for that structure, the building must be brought into compliance with the current mapping requirements for the National Florida Insurance Program, or in layman’s terms, brought up to current flood zone minimum requirements and other current applicable buildings codes. This often means homeowners must raise the structure out of the flood zone or demolish it and rebuild.

The ruling jurisdiction (city or county) ultimately determines the extent of the damage and if it falls into this 50% rule. A Belt structural engineer inspects the structure and provides reports indicating the integrity of the structure and their assessment of the necessary repairs. Our engineers work with plan reviewers to increase understanding of the findings after the damage assessment, hoping to provide the best outcome for the owner of the structure.

If it is determined that your home falls under the 50% rule, Belt engineers provide repair documents, plans, and remodeling designs to meet the requirements outlined in the rule. Our professionals are empathetic to your situation and work diligently and efficiently to correctly complete the job with the homeowner in mind.

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