Special Inspections

Threshold Inspections

The state of Florida requires special inspections to be performed during the construction of “threshold” buildings. Consequently, this ensures structural component conformance.   The state of Florida Building Construction Standards Chapter 553 defines a “threshold” building. “Any building which is greater than three stories or 50 feet in height. Or which has an assembly occupancy classification that exceeds 5,000 square feet in area and an occupant capacity of greater than 500 persons.”

Furthermore, special inspection services consist primarily of inspections of all structural members, frames, systems, and other building components. As a result, this process ensures structural integrity and life safety of the entire structure in parts and as a whole. Daily, a detailed written record of inspections is reported along with a daily log of all inspection types made on site. The Inspection reports are submitted on a weekly basis, signed and sealed by the Special Inspector. This process  includes a final conformance certification for your building.

Storm-Water Management System Inspections

Storm-Water Vaults, or surface water management systems, are regulated by the Southwest Florida Water Management District, also known as “SWFWMD.” SWFWMD, as a condition of the permit, required an inspection report be submitted to the District in accordance with a specified schedule. As a Special Inspector, Belt Engineering provides inspections and reports on these storm-water systems to ensure they are properly operated and maintained. We prepare our reports on the appropriate forms provided by the District, certified by a Florida registered Professional Engineer.

If your project requires a qualified special inspector, the staff at Belt Engineering can provide the  required inspection services to get the job done. Call today to speak with one of our professional engineers on staff about your project!

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