Buying and selling property is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Before you sign on the dotted line, be sure that all of your existing permits are closed out and your new investment is a good one. The professional structural engineers at Belt Engineering can provide you with the residential inspections you need to move forward in your real estate transaction with confidence.

Our careful evaluation of your property is useful for many reasons. For example, there is no exact science to settlement cracks. How do you know if its normal foundation settling or a major problem at the foundation? That is where we come in.

Here at Belt Engineering, we provide many different types of inspections and reports to help you finish your project. We cover closing open permits, after the fact inspections and permitting, variance requests, damage analysis, and other structural inspection requests. The bottom line: we have the professional experience to provide what the client needs and what the ruling jurisdiction is looking for.



These types of inspections typically occur in the right of way near residences or subdivisions. If your construction activity could alter surface water flows, contribute to water pollution, dredge or fill wetlands, or other activities impacting water, you are required to have an Environmental Resource Permit (ERP) prior to land use or construction. The Water Management District (WMD) regulates commercial and residential activities to ensure that activities will not be harmful to water resources. We strive to eliminate the hassle of permitting and inspections for our clients by providing water management inspections that they can trust with the experience they can count on. For years we have worked with clients to complete commercial and residential inspections thoroughly and efficiently. Click here for stormwater operations and maintenance PDF produced by SWFWMD SouthWest Florida Water Management District’s guidelines.


At Belt Engineering, we know how important the results of your residential structural inspection are. That’s why we leave no stone unturned when verifying the safety, integrity, and quality of a property. Our expert structural inspectors provide accurate, detailed, and easy-to-understand reports designed to provide you with the answers and information you need to make solid, informed decisions about your real estate transaction. And when you work with us, you can expect a smooth, hassle-free inspection and honest, professional service.

Don’t trust your building inspection to just anyone. Get the answers and assurance you need with Belt Engineering. Call today to schedule your appointment.

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